Our Mission

At SchoolHouse Market we love teachers! We want to make life a little easier for the dedicated men and women who are spending their lives helping the next generation learn and grow. We are a company founded by educators. With over twenty years of experience working in schools at all levels, we understand several key things about education today:

  1. Teachers are hard working. They love their students and their jobs.
  2. Teachers are resourceful. They often develop innovative products that uniquely meet the needs of their students and classrooms.
  3. Teachers are expert collaborators, working together to find the best ways to teach their students.
  4. Teachers deserve to be compensated for the products that they create, but often they don't have a good way to advertise or distribute those materials.

Believing those key things, we have created Schoolhouse Market to help teachers to find one another and share their ideas. We hope to make this process as seamless and worry-free as possible, providing new opportunities for all educators to thrive in their work.